Foreign Exchange in Mumbai

Currency Exchange in Mumbai

Well!, you’ve come to the most suitable place for Foreign exchange in Mumbai. Prithvi is one of the foremost Forex trade in Mumbai.

Prithvi furnished the currency exchange rate are real­time and live information. In contrast to other local Forex, operators fix exchange rate entire day, our exchange rate is realtime and continues changing depends on the Forex market our customer gets the actual exchange rates their currency exchange orders.

Every one of our rates are live and straightforward for you to see and book the most ideal arrangement as needs be.

Prithvi’s Foreign Exchange Services:

Buy a forex – Pay in rupees and receive foreign currency in Mumbai

Sell a forex – Get Indian Rupees by surrendering your foreign currency in Mumbai

Money Transfer – Send money transfer From India to any foreign countries.

Travel Card – Travel Cashless and use multicurrency travel cards any where in the world.

Travel Insurance – It ensures to protect yourself and your family .

Why choose Prithvifx for your currency exchange needs:

  • live exchange rates – updated every minutes
  • currency exchange in over 18 currencies
  • Global connectivity with single card access
  • 24/7 Support of foreign exchange specialists team
  • Get Forex delivered at your doorstep.
  • Safe, Secure and Transparency.

Foreign Currency Exchange in Mumbai at Live Forex Rates.

Currency Exchange in Mumbai

Currency exchange in Mumbai with now simple at Prithvi, to help our customer to execute their money exchange orders. We give the best exchange rate in Mumbai to measure with other money changers in Mumbai.

Live and Best Currency Exchange Rates in Mumbai

Prithvi’s renders a Live and Best Currency Exchange Rates in Mumbai. Modern Technologies revolution makes easy to know about the money exchange rate at anywhere in the world with true and live exchange rate who need to exchange their foreign currency to Indian money or Indian money to foreign currency.

Are you Paying Hidden charges for Foreign Exchange in Mumbai?

Prithvi’s transactions are transparency and safe in the foreign exchange prices in Mumbai. So that you do not pay any hidden charge are other charges for exchange your foreign currency to Rupee or vice versa to do a far equivalent in Mumbai.